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Flower Birds Wall Art Decals

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Branch : (Currently: White)
Pink Elements : (Currently: Light Pink)
Purple Elements : (Currently: Lilac)
Beaks : (Currently: Mango Orange)
Eyes: (Currently: Black)

“Flower Birds” is a lovely, child-like wall art decal that features twirled branches and leaves with plump little birds and soft flowers. By using our colour palette design tool above, you can select the colours you would like for the various design elements of this wall art sticker. If, for example, you’re adding this to a girl’s nursery room, you might mimic the pink and white colour palette we’ve used in the sample picture. If you’re adding it to a boy’s room, you might consider trying blues or greens for this design. Our wall art stickers are made from high quality vinyl and can easily be removed, though not reused, without damaging the paint on your walls.

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