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Lighthouse Seagulls Boats Wall Art Stickers

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White Lighthouse Stripes: (Currently: White)
Red Lighthouse Stripes: (Currently: Rustic Red)
Top & Bottom Lighthouse: (Currently: Charcoal)
Seagulls & Boats: (Currently: Medium Grey)

A nautical theme is always a total hit in any home. Making use of whitewashed woods, a colour palette of soft whites and beiges with bolder splashes of blue and green, and ornamental embellishments such as shells, anchors and other nautical items… it all culminates in a calming design that can make you feel like you live right by the ocean, even if you live many thousands of kilometres away! Now, with our wall art decal of a lighthouse, seagulls and yachts, you can really bring home this beautiful theme. Using the design tools on this page, you can select the size and colours you’d like your wall art printed in and then you can stick it up absolutely anywhere you like, whether it’s a bathroom, the kitchen or a bedroom.

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