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Cherry Blossoms Wall Art Stickers

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Branch: (Currently: Choc Brown)
Blossoms: (Currently: White)
Blossom Centre: (Currently: Lilac)
Leaves: (Currently: Lime Green)

Cherry blossoms have, for centuries, held tremendous significance in Japanese culture. In springtime, cherry trees will suddenly – and all at once, it seems – burst into bloom. Weeks later, the trees will weep cherry blossoms like tears leaving behind the tender buds of leaves. For this reason, cherry blossoms have become a symbol of the beauty of life, which is overwhelmingly beautiful, but tragically short. Our “Cherry Blossom” wall art sticker can bring this symbolism into any room in your home and, with the appearance of petals blowing in the wind, create a feeling of dynamism and movement that no choice of plain wall paint can!

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