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Incredible Hulk Wall Art Stickers

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Black Outline: (Currently: Black)
Hulk Pants: (Currently: Violet Purple)
Hulk Body: (Currently: Lime Green)
Teeth: (Currently: White)

If your girl or boy is a huge fan of the Marvel comic book series, our “Incredible Hulk” wall art sticker would make a fantastic design embellishment for their bedroom or play space. And, of course, since not everyone’s love of comic books wanes with age, die-hard adult fans would love this colourful, bold design statement in their creative or leisure space (design room, “man cave”, art studio or office). We all know the Incredible Hulk to be green, but using our colour palette tool above, you can custom select the colours of the various elements of this wall art sticker, including the Hulk’s outline, body, pants, and teeth. You can also choose your wall art to be printed in one of three different sizes and in a left or right-facing orientation.

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