Installation & Removal of Wall Art

As we cannot offer home installations, we thought it may be a good idea to give you a few tips on installing your wall art.
For first time installers, you may think it’s harder than it is, but hopefully with these tips, you’ll feel more confident and in fact excited at the prospect – it’s fun, addictive and also allows you to be creative with your design!
We have a detailed Installation PDF you can download and you could even search YouTube as there are many helpful videos out there.

Installation of Wall Art

The video below shows you how to remove the design from the backing paper if bits of it won’t come off!

Removal of Wall Art

Removing your wall art couldn’t be easier! You simply peel the sticker slowly from your wall and depending on the quality of your paint and wall, no paint should peel off, leaving no damage to your wall.
But please note that unfortunately, once the wall art has been removed, it cannot be re-applied.